A fighting game made for 1 Class Jam

Source code available on github


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The graphics look good in general, but I don't get the rules. What does each letter do, why are the numbers for? :/

Yeah, it was made pretty quickly for a jam

So, there are 3 types of attack cards and 3 types of defense cards -

Attack there is (S)trike, S(L)ash and (T)hrust

Defense there is (B)lock, (P)arry and (D)odge

The numbers are the card "power" (so if you play a strike vs. a dodge, and your card has a power of 10, and their card has a power of 2, a damage multiplier of the difference (8) will be applied to the attack).

Different attacks are better vs. different defenses. For example, a thrust will be completely blocked by a parry, will do 1x damage vs block and 2x damage against dodge.

It's a bit hard to teach without a long tutorial, but if I release it as a full game, I'll have to figure out a better way to teach the game instead of just dropping players in.

Thanks for playing!


Oh, so it works kind of like a Rock Paper Scissors meets KH:CoM! Now I get it! :D
Maybe it'd be easier to tell how it works with a diagram like this one:
Resultado de imagen de khux attack types
and making S L T and B P D of those three colors (a visual hint always helps)

Definitely! Thanks for the suggestion, and yeah, definitely Rock Paper Scissors! <3